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Types of Support

Befriending Services

Our Befriending service is a network of volunteers who are trained to provide support, companionship and opportunities to engage in social activities to those who are socially isolated.

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Complementary Therapies

Our Complementary Therapy service providers offer therapies such as reflexology, massage and aromatherapy which can help you relax and improve your sense of wellbeing.

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Social Support

Do you want to meet others, share interests and build friendships and social connections?

Or to enjoy the company of others who
have had similar experiences to you?

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Personal and Professional Development

Do you want to develop new skills, grow your knowledge in a new subject or participate in learning activities with other people?

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Talking Therapies

Talking Therapies include counselling and life coaching and a range of psychological therapies

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Welfare Support

Five community and voluntary organisations provide dedicated welfare support and advice to victims and survivors

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Transgenerational Services

Looking for services and activities that consider family dynamics and relationships across generations?

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Truth, Justice & Acknowledgement

Do you want to explore the truth, justice, and acknowledgement options open to you and what these ideas might mean for you?

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Self-Directed Assistance

The Support for the Bereaved
scheme is open to bereaved individuals not registered with VSS by 31 March 2017

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