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Individual Needs Programme (INP) for 2022/23


We are delighted to announce the opening of the Individual Needs Programme for 2022/23 following budget allocation from The Executive Office. This award is very much welcome and ensures a smooth pathway from last year to this year for recipients of the Individual Needs Programme, and for VSS funded community and voluntary organisations.

Individual Needs Programme (INP) 2022/23

Individuals can now receive their Self Directed Assistance Payments straight to the bank account.  This means payment will be issued directly to your bank account (or the account you authorise the payment to go to). Clients who provided their bank details now receive payment directly into this bank account on the day of issue. There is no delay with post or lodging cheques.  Clients who have not provided bank details will continue to receive cheque payments.

If you received this year’s payment by cheque but would prefer to receive future payments by BAC’s, please contact us by telephone/email/webchat and a member of the Health & Wellbeing team will be happy to assist.

I have not received my INP 2022/23 Payment – what should I do?

INP 2022/23 launched on 11th April 2022 and payments were issued either by online payment (BACS) or by cheque. You should also receive an email or letter confirming your 2022/23 payment

BACS Payments
If you provided bank details to us before 4th April 2022, you should receive a BACS payment directly into your bank account by the 11th April 2022. Accompanying this, you should also receive a remittance letter informing you that your payment has been made.

E-mail address
If you also provided us with an e-mail address or VSS already held an e-mail address for you, this letter was sent electronically to you on the same date.

If we don’t hold an e-mail address for you, you should receive your letter and/or payment in the post.

Cheque Payments
If you have not provided VSS with bank account details, or provided them after 4th April 2022, you should receive a cheque in the post. This will also be accompanied with your award letter.

There may be delays to postal services in some areas, so we would encourage you to wait a couple of days to see if your letter/payment arrives before contacting VSS.

I provided an e-mail address but I have not received an e-mail – what should I do?

You should by now have received an e-mail, but you may wish to check your junk mail in case it was automatically directed there.

A number of e-mails failed to deliver and rebounded to VSS. This means that the e-mail address provided is not working or that one of the characters in the address is missing/incorrect. You should still have received a payment into your bank account, however. A staff member will either contact you to confirm your e-mail address or we may consider issuing a letter to you by post confirming that a payment has been issued to you.

I provided my BACS details but I haven’t received a payment – what should I do?

If you provided the correct details to VSS before the 4th April 2022, you should have received your payment by now.

However, a number of BACS payments were disallowed by the Bank. This might mean that one digit was incorrect. In such cases, the payment should be automatically returned to VSS. Please contact us to let us know if you have not yet received the VSS payment into your bank account. If the payment has been returned to VSS, we can re-issue a payment using the updated BACS details.

I provided my BACS details but I received a cheque in the post – what should I do?

There were a number of bank details received that were either invalid or arrived too late for this year’s payment. If you have received a cheque you have two options:

  1. If you would prefer the cheque to be cancelled and reissued via BACS, then you should contact VSS by phone (02890 279100) or by e-mail – and one of the team will assist you. This may take 15-20 working days to process.
  2. Cash the cheque, and provide VSS with your bank details so future payments can be made via BACS. To do this, you should also contact VSS on either of the above channels.

I am a VSS registered Carer but I have not received a payment.

VSS registered Carers have been issued with a Self Declaration form which should be signed and returned to VSS, a prepaid envelope has been included with your Self Declaration to assist you.

Once VSS has received the signed Self Declaration form payment will be issued to your nominated bank account.  If you have not provided bank details a cheque will be posted to the named carer.

If you continue to provide caring responsibilities but have not received your Self Declaration form please contact VSS and a member of the team will be able to assist you.

How can I submit my Self Declaration Form?

Forms can be submitted in the following ways;

Post – Please return to VSS using the self-addressed envelope provided

Email – We can now accept a photograph of your signed Self Declaration Form which can then be emailed to

VSP Org – If you are a member of one of the community / voluntary organisations funded by VSS, they will be happy to forward your Self Declaration to VSS on your behalf.

Have your circumstances changed? Are you no longer providing care to a VSS registered client?

Please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact us by telephone/email/webchat. Our health and wellbeing team will be happy to assist.

I have received a cheque for a family member who was registered with VSS. However, my family member has passed away. What do I do?

Please contact us by telephone/email/webchat as soon as possible and a member of the Health & Wellbeing team will be happy to assist. If you are aware that a member of your family was registered with VSS and in receipt of support but they have passed away, we would be most grateful if you would contact us to let us know. You can do this by telephone or email and a member of the Health & Wellbeing team will assist you.

When will I receive my award for Home Heating this year?

The Persistent Pain – Home Heating scheme for 2022/23 is now open. The scheme has changed from previous years.  Individuals are no longer required to submit receipts for Home Heating ahead of receiving a payment, instead a £500 cash payment will be made to existing award recipients as a contribution towards their home heating costs.

This scheme is closed to new entrants.

I am struggling financially – is there any help I can get from VSS?

Yes, some of VSS’ funded community & voluntary organisations are able to provide welfare support to victims and survivors. They will be able to outline the support that is available and how you can access this. Organisations that provide Welfare Support are: Wave Trauma Centre, Relatives for Justice (RfJ), South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF), The Ely Centre and CALMS (Community Action for Locally Managing Stress).

You can find more information on these organisations and in your area using our interactive map.

How can I apply for the Troubles/Victims Payment Scheme?


The Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme is now open for applications until 31st August 2026.

You can apply online at Detailed guidance on applying for the Scheme is also available on this website.

You can download, print and submit a paper copy to the Victims’ Payments Board at:

Victims’ Payments Board

PO BOX 2305,



If you have difficulty using the website you can make contact with the Victims’ Payments Board using the details below:

T: 0300 200 7808


What is the role of VSS in the Scheme?

VSS are not administering or carrying out assessments in relation to the Scheme. However, we have established a network of trained Welfare Advisors at our funded partner organisations that can assist you in making an application. If you would like to avail of this support please contact one of the below organisations directly, or alternatively, you can call us on: 02890 279 100 to discuss further.


T: 02890779922


The Ely Centre

T: 02866320977


Relatives for Justice (RF)

T: 02896949327


South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF)



If you wish to find out more information about our services, please contact us on 028 90 279100 or email

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