The VSS has received some queries about the open call for funding that is currently advertised on this website, and how this relates to funding for individual victims and survivors.

To clarify: the VSS currently operates the following funding Programmes:

  1. The Individual Needs Programme (INP), which delivers financial support and direct access to goods and services to individual victims and survivors in particular circumstances.

This is the Programme that offers support to individuals under the Support for the Bereaved, Support for Carers, Support for the Injured, and Financial Assistance Schemes.  At this point in time, the budget for this Programme is fully committed.  This means that we cannot process any new applications at this time.

However, the VSS is working closely with The Executive Office to bid for additional budget.  This work will continue throughout 2016/2017.  If additional funding becomes available, we will be able to process new applications.  We will keep this website updated with the relevant information.


  1. The Victims Support Programme (VSP), which delivers funding to organisations that provide Health and Wellbeing and Social Support services to victims and survivors across Northern Ireland.
  2. The PEACE IV Programme: Shared Spaces and Services – Victims and Survivors (April 2017 – July 2021), which will develop and deliver a network of Advocacy Support workers (Truth, Justice and Acknowledgement) and Health and Wellbeing Caseworkers across the region, and will provide funding for specialist training, research and regulation.

The aim of the VSP and PEACE IV Programme is to improve the health and wellbeing of victims and survivors.

On 24th November 2016, VSS opened a call for applications to the VSP and the PEACE IV Programme.  The call for applications closed at 12pm on 4th January 2017.

To find out more about the services that are available and the organisations that deliver them, please click here, or call VSS on 028 9027 9100.  Our team will be happy to signpost you to services and support in your area.


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