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About Us

We work closely with our sponsor department, the Department for OFMDFM, and with the Commission for Victims and Survivors.

The role of the Commission is to promote the interests of victims and survivors. To learn more about the Commission, please visit their website by clicking here

Together with the Department and the Commission, we are currently working to improve the way we deliver services and support. In doing so, we are keen to learn from the experiences and insight of everyone who is involved in this area, from service providers to service users, their families, and support networks.  This programme of engagement is called the Collaborative Design or Co-Design Programme. 

To find out more about the Co-Design Programme and the relationship between the Commission, the Department and VSS, please visit the OFMDFM Victims Unit webpage by clicking here.  

If you wish to participate in the Co-Design Programme, please do not hesitate to contact the VSS or to email the programme team directly at: vscdp@ofmdfmni.gov.uk